Services for Telecom Operators. From Dark Fibre and Colocation to our Service Provider Concept.

Wholesale Services for Telecom Operators

Our high-quality operator services for both fixed and mobile networks are adapted to your needs and wishes.

We offer outstanding delivery quality, competitive prices and genuine personal commitment to your business. The Wholesale organisation is separated from Telenor’s Retail business, thereby guaranteeing integrity in the relationship and paving the way for open, value-adding discussion.

In Scandinavia too

We work in close cooperation with our colleagues in Denmark and Norway and have a well established partnership in Finland. This is worth knowing if you have stakeholder areas in Scandinavia.

  • Mobile Wholesale

    Wholesale solutions from Telenor allows you to establish a new position in a field of mobile communication, increase customer loyalty and to create new revenue streams.

    Strengthen loyalty among your present customers while creating new income from excisting assets at the same time. Telenor's Mobile Wholesale services allows you to expand your present operator offerings, for example as provider of fixed IP communication services, and strengthen customer relations by additional services. Our service Provider and MVNO solutions establish a solid foundation for the joint work in identifying the precise forms of configuration most suitable for your company.

    Telenor is the market leader within the area of mobile Wholesale. We offer high availability and are a safe partner, dedicated to strive for our joint long-term success.

    Service Provider

    The Service Provider solution is designed for any company wishing to offer mobile communication services under their own name, but we also have solutions which can be used to link together existing fixed services with mobile solutions.

    Telenor Service Provider services comprise an access to the most modern mobile network in Sweden, technical platforms, national and international traffic agreements and support from the most experienced experts in the industry.

    How Service Provider Works

    Our price model is mainly based on the pay-as-you-grow model. This means that you can generate revenues, profitability and value growth with limited investments. This solution is perfect if you represent a telecom operator or a new communication initiative, or if you want to expand an existing fixed based business with mobile components. 

    MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network Operator

    Being a MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network Operator - involves more or less the same degree of freedom as for a MNO, but at a fraction of the cost.

    Our MVNO solutions are mainly designed for existing mobile operators - Swedish or International - with own core system assets and own agreements for roaming and IC traffic. Telenor's MVNO solution provides access to the most modern mobile network in Sweden and the transmission services needed to link together our respective network elements. We also offer the industry's most expertise support, advice and degree of closeness in our partnership you prefer.

    MVNO-SIP Concept

    Our MVNO-SIP concept is targeting companies which are currently running a fixed IP telephony business and want to add a mobile element to this.

    MVNO-SIP is based on a Service Provider solution (see above) which is integrated via a SIP connection using you own IP-based telephony platforms. This gives you control over all call flows, both fixed and mobile and enables a rich set of enhanced services to the end users.

    Build your own Unified Communications Solution

    MVNO-SIP creates a solution in which Telenor's mobile network and your own fixed one form of virtual, joint network. This creates an excellent position for you to build you own Unified Communications solutions or use other companies' UC solutions with complete mobile communication integrated. With MVNO-SIP, you will be equipped to supply your customers with the communications of the future.

  • Fixed Wholesale

    Dark Fibre

    Dark Fibre is a service whereby operators hire fibre pairs in sections of the Telenor fibre network. You are responsible for all the active equipment required and build the service exactly the way you want it.

    Telenor supplies Dark Fibre between separate delivery points. With the basic version of the service, you will be responsible for the pathway between the Telenor delivery point and the required delivery address. We can also help you by providing fibre all the way if so required.

    Our Fibre Network

    Telenor owns one of the most extensive fibre networks in Sweden. Our network extends all over the country, and we can provide services to most of our major towns and cities. This network also extends to the Nordic capitals of Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen, which means that you can use the Telenor infrastructure for Nordic initiatives.


    Capacity is another service for operators. It provides guaranteed capacity on Telenor networks so you can create and sell your own services with confidence.

    Capacity is a point-to-point service which you rent. The Capacity service is provided in the Telenor DWDM network at the speeds 1 or 10 Gbps. We provide Capacity between Telenor’s own delivery points. With the basic version of the service, you will be responsible for the pathway between the Telenor delivery point and the required delivery address. We can also help you by providing access fibre all the way if so required.


    Ducting is a Wholesale service in which you, the operator, create the service from scratch, including laying your own fibre.

    When you purchase ducting from Telenor, you acquire parts of the infrastructure we have built up. You then lay the fibre in the ducts, construct your own access points, and bear responsibility for the construction of your own operator service.


    Colocation is a service in which you securely position your telecom and data equipment in fully equipped Telenor data centres.

    This guarantees you security, cooling, uninterrupted power, and extensive fire and perimeter security. As a result, your equipment and business-critical data will be stored safely in the best possible environment. With Colocation, you can also connect your equipment to any Telenor network services that you need.

    Our Colocation data centres are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

    Colocation at Technical Sites

    You can complement the Dark Fibre and Capacity service with Colocation space at Telenor's Technical site. This allows you to place your equipment in our technical sites along our fibre pathways.

    Colocation at technical sites is similar to Telenor Colocation services in many regards. The difference is that placement is only available to customers using Telenor's Dark Fibre and Capacity services.

  • Reference Offer Roaming

    Telenor Sverige AB has submitted a reference offer in accordance with the EU Commission regulation No. 531/2012 regarding ”Wholesale Roaming Access”.

    For more information, download our reference offer here:

    Reference offer "Wholesale Resale Access" 
    Ladda ner Wholesale Resale Access Reference Offer

    Reference offer "Direct Wholesale Access"
    Ladda ner Direct Wholesale Access Reference Offer

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