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At Telenor we are always looking for new talents to join our team. Bring your skills, experiences and eagerness to make a difference. And we will give you the tools, time and space to succeed.  


Inside Telenor

Follow us behind the scenes and find out why Telenor is a great place to work. And the perfect stepping-stone in your career. 

This is how we recruit

Equal opportunities
We are committed to our equal opportunity policy at every selection stage. We believe that diverse voices lead to more profound conversations, solutions and results. 

Our recruitment process
Our ambition is that all candidates who get in touch with Telenor have a good experience, whether we sign a deal or not. We try to ensure this by following fair and transparent evaluation criteria, rational timelines and with frequent communication throughout the process.

1. Apply 
You apply through our digital recruitment system. And we always save your application for future related opening so that you easily can apply again.

2. Screen
In the next step, our certified recruiters review all the applications and create a shortlist of candidates. These candidates will be asked to do ability tests and for some positions you might be asked to do more advanced tests depending on the role requirements.

3. Interview
In the first round of interviews, approximately five to ten applicants are invited. If you are selected, you will meet the recruiting manager. The focus will be on understanding your profile and whether or not you and Telenor are a good match. In the second interview round, two to three candidates will be invited for a deeper exploration on a mutual fit.

4. Decision
We make our final selection based on all interviews,  your previous experience,  recommendation checks and the immediate job requirements. 


Questions and answers

  • You can find all open positions on our career site: click here for a list of all global vacancies

    Once you find the job you are interested in, click ‘Apply’. You can apply either by using your LinkedIn profile or by registering a profile in our central application tracking system, Workday. We kindly ask you not to send your CV to our publicly available e-mail addresses, they are for generic enquiries only.

  • Our ambition is to give all candidates feedback, no matter where in the process you are. The candidates from the final interview rounds will get feedback on the selection decision as soon as possible after the decision has been made. You can track the status of the process when you log in to the candidate home screen in the system.

  • Yes, please apply for each position that matches your interest, experience and the requirements as specified by the position. Your application will be considered for each job you apply for. However, we encourage you to customize each of your applications to a given position, highlighting your most relevant skills and experience areas.

  • Please restart your browser and try again. If you are still not able to complete your application, you can reach out to the recruiter handling the process. The recruiter’s contact information is available in the job posting.

  • Please visit this page for information regarding storage of your data. You can ask us to remove your personal data by sending an email to