“I love designing robots!”

Matilda Andersson spends her working days building robots. She develops automated processes so that many tasks can be handled by computers, rather than people.

Matilda herself did not have a female role model in her professional area, which only included men. But she hopes this will change in the future.

–I like working with the guys, but it's time to shake things up a bit. We need people from different backgrounds, to make things as good as possible. I never thought I would work as a developer, but I really love it, says Matilda.

– People often don't believe me when I tell them I build robots, so I have to explain what this entails. To build, or develop, a robot, you need to start with a process analysis, since you can't just automate everything. Then you can design the robot.  That's when we determine the data flow, and quite simply how the robot is to work, Matilda explains.

The actual building takes place in the last stage, which is when Matilda programs the robot.  

Matilda often encounters some entrenched opinions when she tells people that she builds robots. She thinks this is probably due to stereotypical perceptions.  

– I'm not the stereotype of a robot developer. People can be impressed and comment that I don't look like a person who builds robots, but who knows what a robot builder looks like? Matilda says. 



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