Inside Telenor

Our belief is that the best we can do to empower our teams is to provide the right tools, time and space to explore and achieve great deeds. Here we share some of the best things about working at Telenor and what you can expect.

Our behaviours guides us in everything we do

By living our behaviours, we shape our culture. Our behaviours are reflected in everything we do as a company, ranging from how we collaborate internally to how we treat our customers.

Always explore. We believe that growth comes from learning every day. We’re curious and we dare to challenge, test, fail fast and pivot.

Create together. We believe diverse teams find better solutions. We seek different perspectives through sharing, involving and helping each other to succeed.

Keep promises. We believe that trust is key in all our relationships. We take ownership and pride in delivering with precision and integrity.

Be respectful. We believe in the unique human ability to understand what matters to people. We meet everyone at eye level, we listen and show that we care.

Come and work with us

At Telenor we are always looking for new talents to join our team. Bring your skills, experiences and eagerness to make a difference. And we will give you the tools, time and space to succeed.  

“Agile teams give us a multitude of perspectives.”

For Eddie Gustavsson the benefits of working agile show in the results. And it enables Telenor to always stay competitive in the market.

Exploring solutions for a better future

At Telenor you get the chance to make a difference. We believe that connectivity is the key for greater equality in the world. That’s why our overall purpose is to connect people to what matters most. We believe in using our skills to build great infrastructure and develop smart solutions for a better future.  

Chasing betterness – together

We believe that inclusion and diversity are the keys to our success. The world is diverse, and our teams should reflect our customers. We work in agile teams, where sharing and learning are key elements and a natural part of our daily work.

Telenor is both a global and a local company. We have businesses and offices around the world which offers you the possibility to work with people from different countries. Exchange perspectives in global groups and share best practices. Or, why not aim for a career opportunity outside Sweden? 

Shape your journey

We believe in always staying curious and keep exploring. It is a mindset that guides us in everything we do. By sharing experiences we can all learn and become even better.  We are all challenged to spend a minimum of 40 hours a year on self-directed learning during office hours. This is a gift for our employees, but also a challenge. We call it The 40 Hour Challenge.