“Agile teams give us a multitude of perspectives.”

Working agile makes the organization move quick and enables Telenor to always stay competitive in the market. But the most important part of working agile is to continuously learn, from each other and from your own mistakes. For Eddie Gustavsson, Product Owner of the TV and broadband sections of Telenor’s external website, the benefits of working agile show in the results.

Last year, Telenor decided to offer their TV-customers a free streaming service. Eddie’s team was given the task to create a user-friendly technical solution where the customers easily could choose between streaming services on the website. The task also included to market the new service in the best way.

Eddie Gustavsson’s role as Product Owner entails leading both the technical team behind the webpages, and the team doing tactical marketing for the products. He also communicates with different stakeholders within the organisation. Therefore, his team was ultimately responsible both for the marketing of the offer, as well as making it technically possible.

– It may seem like a simple task to get a streaming service to our customers, but there are lots of things to consider, Eddie Gustavsson says.

Telenor works in cross functional teams, so the project team consisted of people from all over the organisation –product developers, technicians and marketing experts.

Eddie Gustavsson really enjoys working this way as it ensures a multitude of perspectives, and that problems can be caught early. He also appreciates that the teams get to solve their assignments without interference from above.

– That makes you really motivated, and it’s a sign that management trusts you to do a good job, Eddie Gustavsson says.

One of the key elements of working agile is learning. And for Eddie, the biggest lesson from the streaming offer project is that technical- and product development need to start cooperating even earlier. Since Telenor’s system for logged in customers is old and being replaced, making it possible for existing customers to choose a streaming service, wasn’t an easy task. With a short deadline, it was a challenge.

– We came up with a good solution, but the next time we will start co-operating even earlier. That was a key learning we took with us from this project, Eddie Gustavsson says.

In the end, the launch was a success, both internally and externally.

– It felt really amazing, this was something we had delivered, Eddie Gustavsson says.

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