From in-store salesperson to marketing manager

You don’t always need a degree. Poja Tahmi started his career as a salesperson at a local Telenor store. Now he is Omnichannel Manager at Telenor headquarters.

“You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help. Thank you for choosing Telenor”. Poja hangs up the phone. He usually works in the marketing department but spends one day a week interacting with Telenor’s customers. Today he’s at the customer call center. Last week he was in a store.

– It helps me understand our customers better. Besides, I really enjoy talking to them. After all, that’s how I started”, Poja says.

During high school he started to work at a tele sales company and got in contact with Telenor. His next job was as a salesperson at the Telenor store in Solna.

– That’s when I realized I was actually really good at sales, and that I loved it, Poja says. 

In fact, he was so good that he became salesperson of the year 2014 and started coaching sales teams in other Telenor stores. It wasn’t long before he was offered a job in the Marketing Department at Telenor headquarters in Solna. Now he is working as Omnichannel Manager, which means he’s responsible for ensuring the customers always have a great experience when interacting with Telenor. Be it as in a physical store, online, or through the call center.

– I really enjoy my job. I was scared when I started at the headquarters, but people were amazing and generous with sharing knowledge. Of course, I was good at picking their brains as well, Poja says.

His best career advice is reflection. At the end of each day, he thinks about how the day has been, what he has learned, who he has met, and what mistakes he has made.

–I don’t always get things right, but I don’t let my mistakes define me. I learn from them, Poja says.

Now his dream is to hold inspirational talks, and to become CEO of Telenor one day.– If I don’t believe in myself, then why should anyone else? Poja says.

Poja’s top three advice to succeed at Telenor

  1. Always be brave – for me, that is to do things even though you’re afraid.
  2. Be humble – I grew up in Husby, a suburb of Stockholm, and it taught me to always keep my feet on the ground.
  3. Show a lot of empathy – it’s important to let people know you care. 

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