Tiran Zhao
CMO Consumer Trainee

What made you apply for the trainee role at Telenor Sweden?
I can write a 10-page thesis to explain why the trainee role at Telenor Sweden is so unique and attractive, but if I shorten it; First of all, the telecom industry is in general very challenging and fast paced. I can’t promise you 9-5 hours, but I can assure you – it will never be boring. You are exposed to the entire business. I am able to follow every meeting our CMO, Christian goes to, ranging from internal management meetings to external partnership negotiation. This helps me vastly to develop not only my project management skills, but also stakeholder management competence. In addition the trainee program is extremely flexible. Since it is not retention based, I have the chance to take on any projects throughout the whole organization, from customer service center, taking calls, finding solutions to enhance the customer experience to stay awake until midnight being part of the launch of new products. Last but not least, as an international student with no Swedish background, I felt extremely welcomed and embraced.

Give a brief summary of the role you have – what is it about?
It is about giving you the experience and training you can barely get if you start from an ordinary role in a company. It is about helping you start your career with a rocket path; and it is about assisting you to figure out what you truly love to work with, by exposing you to as many aspects as possible in the organization.

What is the best thing about beeing a trainee at Telenor?
The trainee culture in Telenor is extremely strong. We help each other - you will always receive infinite supports from the trainee family whenever you need. That’s the best thing ever.

What is your biggest challenge so far as a trainee?
To prioritize projects to get involved in. Once you become a trainee, you will get tons of attention from everyone in your division, and they would be more than happy to involve you in their projects. You have to make sure you manage your time wisely – to say yes to some, and sometimes no.

What career opportunities, short term and long term, can you see that the trainee program can give you?
In the short term, I see the trainee period as a unique intensive training I won’t be able to get anywhere else, to buff myself up and get ready for my future career. In the long term, I can still keep growing within Telenor, through contacts and competence I gained during my first year. Also, as one of the biggest international telecom companies worldwide, I can possibly take a role in our other business units in Asia or the rest of Europe, which is extremely attractive to me as well.

What would you say to someone considering applying for trainee next year?
If you love challenges, are eager to develop not only hard working competence but also stakeholder management skills, and appreciate international exposure, go with the trainee program in Telenor. And if you are an international student, I strongly recommend you to apply for the trainee role in Telenor as well, we need you!