Shape your journey

At Telenor we believe you should stay curious and never stop exploring and challenging yourself.  With the right mindset, excellent skills and hardworking spirit, the path is wide open for you. We provide the tools you need for personal development and career opportunities. You decide how far you want to go.

Opportunities to fulfill your passion:

Learning culture – We believe that the best way to learn is to share experiences. By creating together, we learn together. Every year you will get 40 hours to educate yourself and learn new things during work hours. This is a great opportunity to develop your skills and challenge yourself to always stay relevant.

Modern learning platforms – We provide you with the most innovative digital learning tools where you can choose from thousands of different e-learnings, whenever you want.

Worklife balance – We believe that work life balance is the key to be able to develop yourself and unleash your opportunities. Some of the best experiences in life takes place outside of work. That is why we are keen you have time for what matters most to you. Take a break and work out at lunch or adjust your working hours to pick put kids from school.

Exploring sideways
Meet our colleagues that have choosen unexpected paths in their career:    

From in-store salesperson to Marketing Manager

You don’t always need a degree. Poja Tahmi started his career as a salesperson at a local Telenor store. Now he is Omnichannel Manager at Telenor headquarters.

From business to robotics – a workplace to explore

With a background in law, marketing and sales, Sofie Gellin could never have dreamt that she would one day lead a robotics team. Until she started working at Telenor.  

From Management trainee to network engineering

With a background in economics and a will to contribute, Paulina Hornay has made her way through Telenor.