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Telenor is the market leader in Mobile Wholesale. We will help you establish a new position in mobile communication, enhance loyalty and generate new revenues.


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Establish a new mobile operator or complement your current operator business in such fields as fixed IP communication and create both broader and deeper customer relationships. Through our Service Provider and MVNO concepts, we can work together to identify the forms of collaboration that best suit your business.

Our concepts
Service Provider

Service Provider

Service Provider is the solution for selling communication services under your own brand. Telenor’s Service Provider services give you access to our high-quality mobile network, technical platforms, national and international traffic agreements, and support from the industry’s most experienced experts. Your company takes care of customer service, billing and business support systems.

Our price model is based primarily on the pay-as-you-grow model. That means you can generate revenue, profitability, and growth in value with limited investments. The solution is ideal if you are representing a telecom operator or a new start-up initiative, or if you want to supplement an existing business with mobile components.



If you are currently running a business in the field of fixed IP telephony and want to add mobility, this is the concept for you.

MVNO-SIP is based on the Service Provider solution (see above) integrated via a SIP-connection with your company’s own IP-based PBX platforms. That gives you control over all call flows, both fixed and mobile.

It puts you in an excellent position to build your own Unified Communications solutions or sell other UC solutions with complete mobile communication integrated.



The MVNO solution is primarily for companies that currently offer mobile communication services under their own brand and are considering a launch in Sweden, or for Swedish MVNOs that want to create better conditions for their business. Being an MVNO, Mobile Virtual Network Operator, means having the same freedom as a network-owning operator, but at a fraction of the cost.

MVNO is for mobile operators with their own core network and their own agreements for interconnection traffic and roaming. Telenor’s MVNO-solution gives you access to our high-quality mobile network and the transmission services needed to link our respective network elements. We also offer support, advice, and the degree of collaboration that you prefer.


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