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For you as an operator, data communication provider or with similar needs. Discover how you can use our fibre network to build and own your own services.


Unique fibre infrastructure

High capacity

Nordic coverage

High operational reliability

Our backbone network is built and adapted for operators with no infrastructure of their own, but who need to build their own powerful national backbone network together with a network owner such as Telenor.

Telenor’s infrastructure not only reaches most of Sweden’s cities nationwide, but also hubs and data centres in the Nordic capitals, with the facility to connect the world via access to international operators. If you want a competent and reliable supplier for your company’s backbone network in the Nordic region, Telenor’s powerful backbone network is the solution.

Feel free to explore our network services and let us create a tailored solution together to meet any specific requirements and needs that your company might have.

We offer the following services in our network



Dark Fibre

The highway to your services.

Dark Fibre is a service where an operator can lease sections of Telenor’s fibre network. Your company is responsible for all the active equipment required to build your service exactly the way you want it. Within Sweden, Telenor delivers dark fibre between our own delivery points, where you can also connect with other actors such as Urban networks, Skanova, Stokab and international operators. Telenor’s fibre infrastructure also extends to important hubs and data centres in the Nordic capitals of Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki. Which means we can help your company reach “all the way” with Dark fibre within the Nordic region.

With channelisation (DUCT) already established, we can install new fibre relatively quickly when the need for additional infrastructure increases. You can therefore confidently grow your backbone with us.

Kapacitet - Våglängd


Secure and reliable data communication.

Telenor’s wavelengths provide a fast and secure data transmission point two point. The wavelengths are based on our fibre backbone network, which reaches throughout the Nordic region. The connections are based on WDM technology and are delivered with an elevated level of availability and the option of redundancy, to guarantee a constant and reliable connection.

The service is transparent – which means that you retain the overall control over your own network and can easily implement your own services. The service is monitored 24/7/365 by Telenor’s central operations centre.

Kapacitet - WAN


Optimise your network communication.

We offer tailored WAN (Wide Area Network) solutions with high performance, reliability, and scalability throughout the Nordic region. Whether you need to connect a remote office, guarantee continuity, or optimise your network performance, Telenor’s WAN services provide the flexibility and security you need.

Feel free to contact us and together we will tailor the most optimal solution for your company’s needs.

Kapacitet - Internet Transit

Internet Transit

Highest demands on accessibility.

With its powerful network, Telenor is one of the largest providers of operator services in the Nordic region. Internet Transit from Telenor guarantees a secure and reliable connection for both national and international traffic. Telenor’s network is directly connected to the most important hubs in the Nordic region, where the national and international operators and content providers are situated, known as "direct peering". The internet traffic takes shortest and fastest route for the best possible quality, and with short response times.

This is a service for you who have high demands on accessibility and bandwidth in the network.

Direkt Internet Access (DIA)

Direkt Internet Access (DIA)

Straight to the Internet.

With its powerful network, Telenor is one of the largest providers of operator services in the Nordics.

Direct Internet Access (DIA) provides you with constant connectivity to the internet via a fiber connection, ensuring a secure and stable service for those who demand high performance, bandwidth, and availability. Your traffic takes the fastest route for the best possible quality with short response- and latency times. You decide the bandwidth and SLA level.



Guaranteed security.

Telenor delivers a strategic platform to let you enhance your business’s security and performance.

Colocation is a service that enables you to locate your company’s telecommunications and data equipment in our fully equipped data centres and backbone sites. We guarantee you uninterrupted power, CCTV surveillance, safe passage, controlled climate enviroment and comprehensive fire protection at our security classified data centres.

The same applies to our strategically located backbone sites (ILA:s) along Telenor’s Nordic fibre network. Within Telenor’s own data centres and backbone sites in the Nordic region, you can dispose racks, your own rooms or cages, and more powerful power supplies, all in a secure environment.

Telenor’s network services are linked to external data centres such as Bulk, Interxion, Equinix and others via their own infrastructure. That gives you the opportunity to reach national and international operators.

You can easily connect to our network services and other operators at best possible performance, while your company’s equipment and business-critical data are in a safe, secure place in the best possible environment.


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