”I lead you to your full potential!” 


For her colleagues and staff, she is a natural leader with the ability to listen and adapt her leadership. Everyone at Telenor knows Hanna Svanholt. After 15 years in the company, with leadership experience from different areas, this is not surprising.

– I thought that I'd probably stay at Telenor for five years and then move on. But it didn't turn out that way, says Hanna.

That was 15 years ago, but Hanna is still here today. In many ways because she was able to help form her own journey at Telenor. Since she started in 2006, she's worked in several areas, including as procurement manager for mobile phones, IT operations manager, and head of development teams at the IT departments. Today, she is Head of Delivery & Maintenance within the network organisation at Telenor. But wherever she has worked, she's always been a leader. Simply because leadership is her passion.

–I really love having the opportunity to nudge and support. In new and difficult situations, I really enjoy getting involved and doing my bit. When I see a staff member achieve their full potential, I truly feel what I do is worthwhile, Hanna says.

Managers at Telenor often work with a team of experts. Hanna believes that humility is the key to leading teams of this type. 

– I would say that I've always had a sense of humility towards how my team are the experts. I don't have all the answers and the knowledge they possess. At Telenor, we work according to the Tight-Loose-Tight principle. When this was implemented, it was like an endorsement of my leadership, since this was how I'd worked for several years!


Tight-Loose-Tight (TLT) represents how we think about leading and working at Telenor. It is based on trust and autonomy and requires us to reflect on how we bring our best to what we do, each and every day.  We need to appreciate and celebrate what makes us uniquely human, in an era where the world of work seems to be moving towards de-humanisation. We believe that with trust and autonomy, we can unleash everyone's creative energy. This allows us to leverage the strengths of each team member and encourages bold conversations, a willingness to learn and a shared belief that we can be stronger together, and it paves the way for authentic leadership role modelling.

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