”I will point you in the right direction!”

For Bandhavi Vinay, learning to code is just like learning any other form of art, such as dance. It’s about finding the right techniques, notes and steps that lead to the right execution. And finding both the right dance step and the right code is her passion.

Bandhavi works on developing mobile apps at Telenor. To get this right, she needs to listen carefully to the users.

–We need to work close to the users and use their feedback. We work with UX designers who look at how we can make things easier for customers, while learning as much as we can from users of our app. This can be a challenge, but it means that we are constantly learning something new, says Bandhavi.

Four years ago, Bandhavi came from India and the experiences and perspectives she brought with her, she says, contribute to the team.

– Different types of people, of different genders, with different knowledge levels and backgrounds, contribute different perspectives. This means that what we create works for different types of people. The most important aspect is that everyone shares their knowledge and perspectives, says Bandhavi.

Bandhavi is driven by curiosity and knowledge. This is one of the reasons that she thrives so well at Telenor.

–Time and budgets are set aside for our personal development. It’s great that our Group's CEO Sigve Brekke challenges us to devote at least 40 hours a year to this.

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