Anders Roed Rasmussen – CIO Trainee

What made you apply for the trainee role at Telenor Sweden?
– Prior to my graduation, I wanted to be a management trainee, and the trainee programme at Telenor was by far the most exciting one I could find. Being able to follow and be mentored by an experienced leader, along with the programme’s unique structure, makes it a one of a kind opportunity. Furthermore, I have since my enrollment realized that the program also offers ample flexibility, allowing me to tailor my trainee year to my areas of expertise and interests. This unique combination of opportunity and flexibility has helped me excel my learnings.

Give a brief summary of the role you have – what is it about?
– As a CIO Trainee I get to follow our CIO Christian Roth who began his own career as a trainee. His mentorship has been highly rewarding, providing a behind-the-scenes insight into the top management level strategic processes. Apart from following Christian and working with the management team, I commit a large part of my time to areas within the IT organization. I work with agile teams, I support the organizational planning activities and I am also involved in different tech projects. These first months have been as busy and challenging as they have been rewarding.

What is the best thing about being a trainee at Telenor?
– I constantly get to meet top-talented and ambitious coworkers, who are eager to involve me and teach me about various projects and responsibilities. The steady flow of interactions has allowed me to build a large network among my new colleagues. The trainee position is quite unique in this way, as you are on the one hand allowed insights into the organization’s top strategic matters, while on the other hand being able to get your hands dirty with your colleagues in the front line. The synergies that come out of this combination are truly invaluable. It is a very empowering position to be in and since my primary goal as a trainee is to develop myself as much as possible, I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity.

What is your biggest challenge so far as a trainee?
– As I do not have a technical background, much of my effort, especially in the beginning, has been to learn and grasp the complexities of our technological environment. I also believe that the ability to structure my efforts and time has been a valuable learning experience, as there is an abundance of possibilities to involve myself in different areas.

What career opportunities, short term and long term can you see that the trainee program can give you?
–  11 years ago, my leader and mentor, CIO Christian Roth, launched his Telenor career as a trainee himself. Ex-trainees generally have a very good track record and you will find them in central positions all over the organization. So, the sky is the limit. There is a strong culture of intrapreneurship, so if you are smart, dedicated, and self-starting, you are sure to have an exhilarating journey ahead of you.

What makes Telenor a good employer? Give examples.
– Telenor is a really great place to work. I feel a passionate spirit from my coworkers, and I feel constantly surrounded by very bright and talented people. At the same time, my colleagues have shown full confidence in my own abilities and have given me significant responsibilities from early on.

What would you say to someone considering applying for trainee next year?
– The trainee programme has managed to exceed my already high expectations. If you are interested in a golden ticket to a steep learning curve and an opportunity to work with a team of talented and diligent coworkers, Telenor’s trainee programme is perfect for you. Good luck!