“I build inclusive platforms”

For Geisy Domiciano, life has taken many turns. Usually by chance. A dance class led to a degree in web development and a motorcycle accident brought her from Brazil to Sweden. The courage to seize opportunities when they arise has always driven her forward. With courage, creativity and a sparkling personality that can light up an entire room, Geisy has travelled to the other side of the globe. 

– After a motorcycle accident, I used the insurance money to learn English in New York. A couple of years later, I eventually ended up in Sweden, where I was offered a job, says Geisy.

By the age of 14 Geisy discovered her passion for codedue to a collaboration between her childhood dance school and a computer school. This passion eventually led to a degree and a long career as a front-end developer. Geisy takes every opportunity to discover something new, which led her to Telenor. Geisy say without blinking why she ended up at Telenor:

– Telenor’s Code of Conduct. It provides the safety network that all employees have a set of rules for how we should behave. At my first interview, I was told about the hotline we can use if something happens. Sexual harassment still occurs, and individuals are often given space to escape, even if we raise our voices. This can take place in the course of the working day, and at company parties. It's about people with unacceptable behaviour. I have been exposed to this at several workplaces, both in Sweden and in Brazil. For me, the most important aspect is how a company chooses to act, and at Telenor I feel that I’m protected, she says. 

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For Geisy, this safety net has been important. But that's not the only thing that matters to her. Geisy is also passionate about developing features that are inclusive. Telenor has not yet got all the way there. 

– To be completely inclusive in how we develop, communicate and create products, we need more perspectives, and different backgrounds, functional variations and life experiences. We need to do more work on this, but even being able to speak up about the challenges is an important step along the way, says Geisy. 


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